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Namaste Yoga
CDs and DVDs for Home Practice

To order please contact Lilian.
Cash, cheques and money orders are accepted.
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One in the Light - Yoga with Lilian

Yoga CD Duncan BC - One in the Light - Yoga with Lilian

Listen to a clip from the CD

This CD offers guidance for practicing Breathing and Relaxation. It also includes Toning (Sound Healing) and some of my favourite Sacred Chants.

It is my hope that this CD will encourage a nurturing home practice that can lead to a state of awareness and clear presence.

Track List:

1. Opening/Breathing - 13:40
My Radiant Breath

2. Relaxation - 9:52
The Sacred Chamber of my Heart

3. Toning - 8:57
Sound Healing

4. Ancient Sacred Chants for Peace, Love and Light - 28:41


Yoga on Chairs by Lilian

Yoga DVD Duncan BC - Yoga on Chairs by Lilian

Join Lilian in this gentle yoga program designed for seniors or those with limited mobility. All practices are done while sitting on a chair.

This instructional DVD includes:

1) Cleansing breath techniques

2) Energy activation (self-massage) techniques

3) Movements and poses for the whole body

4) Affirmations

5) Guided relaxation

Running time: 54:14

View a clip from the DVD below:


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