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Namaste Yoga
class desecription

Yoga with Lilian emphasizes the connection of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Students are encouraged to understand their body at an energetic level, exploring the inter-correlation between body language and emotional states.

Awareness of breath is central to Lilian's approach. As awareness of body and breath grows, students develop a closer relationship to their own inner centre or spiritual essence, from which they can receive guidance and nurturing. This process brings healing, integration, and personal growth.


The Introductory Level

This class teaches you the foundation and proper alignment for a healthy practice. Through stretches and beginning yoga postures (asanas), emphasis will be placed on developing body awareness, breath awareness, and relaxation.

The Intermediate Level

Building on the introductory program, this course teaches you new postures and simple breathing practices that will further develop your flexibility, strength, stamina, and fluidity of movement.

The Ongoing Level

ongoing yoga classThe Ongoing Level is for those with previous and consistent yoga experience who wish to deepen and refine their practice. This class will introduce more advanced postures such as inversions and backbends.

Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yogaA nurturing preparation for childbirth through breath awareness, relaxation, and postures designed for all stages of pregnancy. This class will empower women to meet the special moment of birth with confidence, strength, and trust.

Postnatal Yoga

postnatal classA nurturing and playful class for moms and their new babies (ages 1 to 6 months). We will explore interactive ways of moving, breathing, and relaxing with your baby.

Yoga for Teens

teen yogaA class for teenagers to nurture a healthy relationship to their body. The practices will help teens to develop body awareness, breath awareness, relaxation and connection to their own center.

Gentle Yoga (on the floor)

seniorPostures will be adapted to the needs of those with limited mobility. Enhance your breathing capacity and ability to relax as you enjoy this gentle yet invigorating class. It includes Body Rolling techniques with balls.

Yoga on Chairs

yoga on chairsFor seniors and adults with limited mobility, this class can be easily done while sitting on a chair. Its consists of energy activating massage, movements, stretches, deep breathing, and relaxation. Standing postures will be included according to each individual's ability.

Breathing and Meditation

Theses classes will focus on the practices of expanded breathing (pranayama), directing the senses inwards (pratyahara), concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana).

Suitable for those with a regular asana (postures) class.

Restorative Yoga

restorative yogaIn these classes you will practice passive supported poses, using bolsters, chairs, blankets and cushions. Each pose is held comfortably for a few minutes, with awareness of breath. Highly nourishing and restorative for the nervous system, this practice is conducive to a state of deep relaxation and connection to Self. Inspirational readings and sound healing (toning) will be included. All levels welcome.

Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras written by the sage Patanjali is the original text of Classical Yoga. They were composed around 200 BC, or 200 CE (scholars disagree about the exact dates). Containing four chapters and 196 aphorisms, Patanjali’s Sutras bring light to the meaning and gifts of Yoga, offering a practical eight fold path to lead the sincere practitioner to Self Realization. I call it the Map of Yoga, an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration. This class will involve reading, discussion, reflection and meditation on the Yoga Sutras.


Note: Some classes may not be offered during the current schedule period.


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