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"I took my first steps on the path of yoga with Lilian over 10 years ago. Lilian teaches true yoga! Her organic teaching style is harmonious, inspiring, and mindful. She holds a gifted space and a genuine understanding of yoga, not only for health, but as a process to awaken the true nature within the student. Her classes are presented from a place of experience and wisdom, providing opportunity for deep self-connection and awareness through asana and yogic philosophy. I have been blessed to know Lilian as my teacher and mentor. She is truly a rare find, an authentic shining gem to be found in the ever growing sea of yoga programs. I highly recommend taking classes with Lilian."

Sandra Sobstyl (Yoga teacher, Vancouver, BC.)

Lilian, my own life will be extended because our paths crossed. Thank you!

Boyd Harnden. PhD. (Duncan, BC.)

I cannot say enough about Lilian's holistic approach to practicing good health. She embodies the essence of mind, body, and spirit in her practice and work with students.

Jan Hull (Communication Coach, Duncan, BC.)

Every time I attended classes I was uplifted by Lilian's gentle encouragement and unfailing cheerfulness. I have been enlightened by her little snippets of wisdom that somehow always seem perfectly sensible. I am intrigued by her knowledge that spans and embraces many diciplines. Lilian's belief that yoga works, has taught me, with patience and persistance, I can indeed change my body for the better and with every improvement comes a sense of well-being. My back no longer hurts when I lie on my mat. I stand straighter and feel taller. So many gifts I have gathered. I too tell every one - try Lilian's Yoga classes. You will be happy that up did.

Rosemary Morris (Artist, Cobble Hill, BC.)

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